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Assistance in practical use of the regulations on personal data protection constitutes one of the priorities of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO). It is as important as care for the protection of our right to privacy, which gains special importance at the time of development of modern technologies. To this end the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection prepares short practical explanations and guidelines useful both to data subjects, i.e. each of us, and to those who process personal data, i.e. data controllers.

Advice for everyone

Rights of data subject

Guidelines for social networking sites' users

Questions & answers

Questions relating to general issues

Questions on the amendment to the Act on Personal Data Protection

Guidelines for data controllers

Guidelines on development and implementation of the security policy

Guidelines on the way of developing the instruction specifying the method of managing the computer system used for personal data processing, with particular consideration of the information security requirements.

The requirements regarding the structures of personal data bases and the functionality of their management applications

Principles of the transfer of personal data to a third country

Can entity other than natural person be an administrator of information security?

Legal advice


Written explanations