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GIODO concluded an agreement on cooperation with the University of Warsaw, 5.11.2015

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GIODO’s cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (UW) will concern legal aspects of privacy and personal data protection.

Scientific, research and educational activity, as well as activity related to promotion and publishing houses are the planned areas of joint activity of both parties to the agreement. Joint activity will concern such issues as: monitoring of national and international solutions regarding privacy and personal data protection and legally protected secrets, as well as co-organisation of seminars, symposia and scientific conferences. Within educational cooperation training courses with participation of both GIODO’s and UW’s experts will be conducted. Moreover, joint realisation of external (national and EU) projects in the field of privacy and personal data protection, as well as legally protected secrets is also planned.  As regards publishing activity, joint publication of monographs and conference materials concerning privacy and personal data protection is envisaged. The intention to establish – with GIODO’s content-related and staffing support -  postgraduate studies at UW’s Faculty of Law and Administration an added value of the agreement.

Strengthening and formalising of cooperation between GIODO and UW’s Faculty of Law and Administration was announced already in May 2015 at the meeting of representatives of both institutions and its realisation has just began.

The Agreement was concluded on 5 November 2015. It was signed by Dr Edyta Bielak-Jomaa, the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) and Prof. Krzysztof Rączka, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration. The ceremony was also attended by Minister Andrzej Lewiński, GIODO’s Deputy and Prof. Tomasz Giaro, Ph.D., Vice-dean in charge of international cooperation and scientific staff.

It is already 16th agreement of the Polish DPA with a higher education institution. The list of universities with which GIODO cooperates is available here.