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eduGIODO Educational and informational platform - GIODO's educational website

The eduGIODO platform is an educational website created by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO), allowing to individually gain information on personal data protection.

It is directed to:

  • personal data controllers,
  • personal data processors,
  • data subjects, i.e. each individual.

It contains two kinds of materials:

  • informational,
  • training.

The informational module contains, among others, the basic definitions concerning data protection, a list of rights which data subjects enjoy and the principles of data protection and legitimate data processing in selected sectors such as: telecommunications, information society, public healthcare, human resources management and consumer rights protection.

The training module comprises three specialised electronic courses including multimedia and progress tests.

The eduGIODO platform was launched in October 2008 as part of a Community project co-financed by the Transition Facility Programme 2005/017-488.01.08 "Elastic reserve" - "Personal data protection - my rights, my responsibilities". Check out the new source of information on personal data protection at http://edugiodo.giodo.gov.pl/ (available in Polish).